It’s hard to believe that I now live in an area of the world I thought of as “exotic.”  So many awesome things are close by and can be reached with a short flight.

The other day I had to go to Singapore to finalize my work visa.  I know Singapore is pretty small, but there was SO much to do and I was able to see quite a bit in just a few hours.  After the hour and 20 minute flight, and a few minutes of paperwork I had to deal with, I had the rest of the day to explore.  I hopped on the green line and traveled to the Chinese and Japanese gardens.  There was a beautiful pagoda to walk up for a nice view of the surrounding area.




The gardens were laid out so beautifully with paths to stroll, bridges to cross and thoughts to ponder.



After spending some time with nature, it was time to head to Orchard Road where lots of tourists shopping takes place.  From the street you could see lots of shops facing the road with some street vendors outside.  There were also entrances that led to an actual mall inside where you could access three or four floors of stuff, including a food court area.  I ordered a dragon fruit blended juice and happily wandered through the crappy trinket stalls.

On the street, there were many Christmas decorations set up.  I just didn’t really expect to see that, but everything looked beautiful.  It was just like NYC only hot.


After some shopping it was time to pick up the ol’ passport and head to the airport to begin the journey back to Indonesia.  It was a long day, but it was really awesome to be able to do a day trip to see another country.

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